We are very excited to be growing this company, and finding our place among the amazing chocolate shops of Vancouver. Lisa Lou’s Chocolate Bar is all about exploring textures and flavours. We love layers! From our signature chocolate bar collection to truffles and confections, it’s about balancing salty and sweet, crunchy and chewy, creamy and crispy. We use the highest quality ingredients, source chocolate from companies that respect the farmers and never add artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. ​                

About Lisa

Owner, Lisa Gardin started her career right out of high school working in boutique hotels. The Wedgewood Hotel under Robert Sulatycky and at The Metropolitan Hotel under Michael Noble and Pastry Chef Thomas Haas. Lisa joined the team at Chocolate Arts with Greg Hook in 2003 and found her true passion working with chocolate. Lisa loves to travel and discover new chocolate shops around the world, and Tokyo was a must. She enjoyed working with Stephan Vieux at Decadence du Chocolat in Tokyo for a few months before heading to Dubai and recreating the chocolate collection at ChoCo’a. Lisa then took a completely different direction, and joined the team at Whole Foods Market for five years, leading the bakery teams in multiple stores. And finally, June 17th, 2016 Lisa Lou’s Chocolate Bar opened, a long-time dream come true.